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Santa Fe, New Mexico, Kitchen Angels Free Meals For Homebound Persons

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It would be great to have something like this here on the reservation. I am a non native widow living in the home of my husband . When he passed away all of our money to pay bills went too. I have a small social security check which covers my transportation for me and my wheel chair, but not utilities, food , clothing or medications . I am diabetic my accucheck runs from the mid to high 1oo's to 419 recently. I have no one here to load my wheel chiar or have gas money to get to a dr 100 miles away in Gallup, NM. That is where i also have to go to the er as well.

I was told by IHS that i should not be using even the er for any reason, since i am non-navajo and have no cencus number of my tribe /Cherokee.

I need food, and water for drinking, cooking and laundry, "grand ma" pull ups, and other personal hygene items as well... Is there help out there some where. My dogs have not been fed in days and have started to try to kill the weaker ones so they dont eat the food that is available.... No food bank here, when there was one it was only junk food given out . 

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